Tetouan: The Mediterranean Sea on the horizon, Tanger-Tetouan


With limestone walls and the grace of a dove, Tetouan welcomes you to streets infused with a subtle blend of cultures.

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A city straddling two worlds, Tanger-Tetouan


Tangier is a bustling city where past and present intermingle. There are treasures of Spanish-Moorish architecture and wondrous works by local craftsmen, as well as extremely entertaining festivals and the most modern creations.

Diverse influences converge in Tangier. The Kasbah and Mendubia Park are clustered near an authentic medina. A bit further, you will find Plaza de Toros, Cervantes Theater and Café Hafa, where Sean Connery and the Rolling Stones have sipped on mint tea.

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city of art and history, Essaouira-Mogador


Essaouira, the "well drawn" city, holds plenty of surprises. At the end of an alley, you may find a curio, a cultural vestige or a gallery featuring the work of a contemporary artist.

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From the tops of El Jadida's bastions, El Jadida-Mazagan


El Jadida stands sentry on the shores of the Atlantic. Surrounded by formidable ramparts and punctuated by towers lapped by the ocean, the ancient Portuguese fortified city once known as Mazagan still has a military air to it. Its many remaining bastions give tourists a fantastic view over the city.

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The enchanting culture of Chefchaouen, Chefchaouen


With houses built into the mountainside, narrow, winding streets and a haunting blue light that washes over the city, Chefchaouen feels like a dream. This enchanting provincial capital lends itself to strolls, which are perfect for discovering its rich heritage, admiring the architectural treasures that populate its alleys and meeting the people who live and work here.

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A mosaic of people and traditions, Errachidia-Midelt -Merzouga


To appreciate this splendid region that has preserved its authenticity and to soak in its secular culture, you must accept that the present here is still closely tied to the past. The Rissani mausoleum of Moulay Ali Cherif, an ancestor of the Alaouite dynasty, and the ruins of Sijilmassa, an old trade town, are physical reminders of the province’s storied history. They are not to be missed, but you will learn even more about the region's traditions by interacting with the people.

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The new Marrakesh, Taroudant


Taroudant is a gem of southern Morocco with ramparts that envelop one of the country's most beautiful cities. The crenellated walls extend for nearly four miles, flanked by 130 towers with ornate doors whose overall effect gives Taroudant its unique ambiance. When the sun is at its zenith, find respite by strolling in the soothing shade of these walls.

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the city of a 1,
000 faces, Azilal


Hidden deep in the heart of Morocco, Azilal is one of the country's little-known gems. Roads converge on this town halfway between the ocean and the desert, where cultures mingle. Arab and Berber traditions contribute to the special atmosphere here.

This intermingling is also reflected in the cuisine, which flatters your palate with a variety of dishes, each of which is more delicious than the last. The local craftsmanship is also stellar: wool is worked artfully into carpets that become charming mementos of your journey.

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The wonders of southern Morocco!, Ouarzazate-Zagora-Tinghir


Ouarzazate, Zagora and Tinghir in the east of Morocco represent the country's cultural diversity. They bear witness to the most deeply seated traditions, but contemporary creations are also honored with nods to some of cinema's finest hours.

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Musée de Marrakech,


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