The outlying area is among the most beautiful in all Morocco, Agadir-Taghazout


Agadir is a place to escape. The Souss Valley and, a bit further, the peaks of the Lesser Atlas Mountains, form wonderful compositions as only nature can do. This backcountry is rich in possibilities for you to immerse yourself in the joys of exploration and green tourism.

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Marrakesh from the mountaintops, Marrakech


Stand atop the walls of Marrakesh, balanced on the parapet, and scan the horizon: the city is surrounded by the Atlas Mountains. Their perpetually snow-capped peaks cut jagged silhouettes across the skyline. Something magical emerges from these landscapes – aninvitation to discovery that makes you yearn for an adventure!

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Morocco's green capital

When you think of Morocco, mountains, beach and culture come to mind. But remember that the kingdom is covered with forests that won't fail to delight the most adventurous travelers!

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Mountains made for any adventure!

Morocco is a land traversed by mountains. The three Atlas mountain ranges and the Rif form stark, jagged silhouettes, but they are also natural playgrounds for adventure seekers.

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Natural parks and lakes


The surprising bounties of nature!

Mountains form the backdrop of the Moroccan hinterland. Look to this majestic terrain to experience nature at its most charming. Waterfalls cascade down into the valleys below, pooling into lakes that are perfect for relaxing. Work your way through these wild expanses and see Morocco from another angle as you get to know its lakes and nature parks.

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The Moroccan desert

There is a reason why Morocco is known as the “Land of Dunes”: its desert expanses lend themselves to the formation of sand dunes, which make the Moroccan landscape such an unusual one.

Your adventure begins in Zagora, the gateway to the Sahara. This simply fantastic town is surrounded by a palm grove and rocky hills. Other, grander spots that have their own oases, such as Tafilalet, Tinghir, Fint,Tata and Figuig.

An original experience in the desert

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Gardens bursting with color

Morocco's riches also include a variety of fauna and flora, to which its sumptuous gardens can attest. Just to give you an idea, Morocco counts several hundred gardens, each more awe-inspiring than the next.

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a green city, Rabat


In Rabat, nature has found a home right in the heart of the city. The capital of Morocco is committed to environmental sustainability and offers residents and tourists nearly 570 acres of green spaces to enjoy nature and culture.

The Kasbah of the Udayas and its Andalusian garden, the Chellah necropolis, the green belt, the Ibn Sina forest and the test gardens are perfect expressions of this spirit. Plus there is the Rabat zoo, where animals live in faithful recreations of their natural habitats.

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The generosity of nature, Fez-Meknes

The generosity of nature.jpg

The Middle Atlas Mountains are spoiled by nature. Go deep in this backcountry traversed by streams and discover another facet of the land around Fez and Meknes.

Near Sefrou, there is a refreshing waterfall that deserves a look: the Aggai wadi follows its course until it begins racing down the pitched terrain in a series of small, charming waterfalls. The picturesque site is easily accessible for everyone, making it a perfect outing for families.

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The riches of the Middle Atlas, Fez-Meknes

The riches of the Middle Atlas.jpg

The imperial cities of Fez and Meknes are some of the most beautiful in Morocco. The ramparts that surround them contain historical treasures, but outside these monumental walls lies an expansive hinterland full of big, open spaces that call you to adventure.

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