Casablanca is a shopping capital!, Casablanca


The most active city in Morocco is a slice of heaven for anyone who loves shopping: its cutting-edge infrastructure, boutiques and shopping centers make it the retail capital of the kingdom.

Enjoy downtown Casablanca. Its easily accessible, decongested shopping districts have the most famous retail chains and the biggest brands in ready-to-wear, jewelry and cosmetics. There is no shortage of shops!

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Handiwork that embodies authenticity and modernity, Casablanca

Handiwork that embodies authenticity and modernity.jpg

Casablanca, the country's economic engine, is equipped with ultra-modern infrastructure and is home to fast-growing corporations. However, the city has not turned its back on tradition; in fact, it holds Morocco's ancient know-how in very high esteem.

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Crafts shaped by a variety of influences, Agadir-Taghazout


A beautiful bay, beaches as far as the eye can see and 360 days of sunshine a year...Agadir has an abundance of charms before you even add shopping options to the mix. The city's great location is surrounded by hinterlands rich in local products. It is also a crossroads where Arab-Muslim and Berber civilizations intersect and where the beauty of everyday objects is celebrated.

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The foods and handicrafts of Northern Morocco, Tanger-Tetouan


Tangier and Tetouan could be mistaken for museums, for everywhere you look, there is an accumulation of historical treasures and monuments that attest to glories of the past. And yet, they are not the least bit petrified or bogged down in nostalgia for a bygone era. Both cities are active and full of life. Clamors arise from the souks and the hammer strikes of craftsmen echo through the alleys.

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Fashion and craftsmanship, Essaouira-Mogador

artisanat traditionnel

Essaouira has more than its natural, untamed beauty to win your heart. Here, in the place once known as Mogador, prepare to be wowed by the skill of the town’s craftsmen, who are among the most talented in all Morocco.

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Buy from local artisans in the streets of Taroudant, Taroudant


Do you dream of combining your two favorite pastimes – shoppingand exploring new places? In Taroudant, you can get acquainted with crafts from the region, as well as the most typical Moroccan products, such as argan oil and saffron, which is often called "red gold" because of its color.

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Shopping on the edge of the desert, Ouarzazate-Zagora-Tinghir


Shop for an array of typical products, including pottery, daggers and carpets, visit the workshops where they are crafted or even try your hand at making something yourself. These are but some of the activities that await you in Ouarzazate, Zagora and Tinghir and the outlying area. Come discover their authenticity and cultural wealth for yourself

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