Discover “The Garden”,
the biggest wave in Safi, Safi


Safi is perfectly situated on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, where mighty winds whip up the water, creating forces that generate some of the best waves on the planet. They break on the lovely beaches, which are outfitted with top-notch services that help make Safi a world-renowned surfing destination.

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A gateway to adventure, Al Hoceima


Al Hoceimaoffers a bay, backcountry and magnificent landscapes where you can relax or where you can exert yourself and push your physical limits. The Mediterranean and the nearby national park offer a wide variety of recreational options, making them playgrounds for adventure seekers.

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By sea or by land,
wear yourself out in Casablanca, Casablanca


As one would expect from a dynamic, bustling urban area, Casablanca is alto a sports-minded city. Whether you pick the ocean or terra firma, there are plenty of places and ways to indulge your passion or explore a new activity.

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A plethora of outdoor activities, Tanger-Tetouan


Because they are at the crossroads of civilizations, Tangier and Tetouan have borrowed from an array of influences. The same applies to their recreational options: these are cities where you can partake in all kinds of sports.

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Land and sea sports, Essaouira-Mogador


The walls of Essaouira feel like a cocoon: wind through the alleys and take a timeless stroll along the parapet. It is an enchanting environment for relaxing and for flexing your muscles. Essaouira is full of sports and activities you have to try.

Head to the beaches, where the Atlantic Ocean serves up wind and waves for your pleasure. See for yourself why Essaouira is a hot spot for surfing, kite-surfing and windsurfing. Perhaps you will rent a land yacht and let the wind carry you across vast stretches of golden sand.

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Come to El Jadida-Mazagan for an active vacation, El Jadida-Mazagan


Welcome to the Mazagan resort! This luxury property on the outskirts of El Jadida welcomes you to enjoy an array of activities in state-of-the-art facilities amidst an idyllic landscape where a eucalyptus forest meets the Atlantic Ocean.

A wide variety of equipment and installations means you can try your hand at myriad sports. The resort features two swimming pools and its own water sports center, where you can gear up for windsurfing, kite surfing or water skiing.

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Adventure awaits right outside the city, Chefchaouen



Chefchaouen is one of Morocco's treasures. Walking through its azure-tinged streets and discovering its heritage will delight you. Travelers are always sad when they have to leave. But you should definitely stray from the central district of the "blue city" to marvel at the gorgeous setting offered up to you for an array of activities.

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A one-of-a-kind setting!, Errachidia-Midelt -Merzouga


An original way to explore this marvelous region and its many surprises is through outdoor activities – chooseone of your favorites or try something new.

Take a hike or ride a mule along the trails at the breathtaking canyons Ziz, Amsed, Tadighoust, Assoul or Amellagou, which is known as one of the world's best mountain climbing destinations.

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Excitement awaits in the heart of the Atlas Mountains, Azilal


Azilal and its surroundings are the perfect destination for those who prefer an active vacation. Here in the heart of the Atlas, there is something for everyone. Water sports and even paragliding are on the menu.

The area around Azilal is especially well suited to ecotourism thanks to the abundance of unexpected sites located in a well-protected natural setting. This makes it is the ideal place for a variety of high-adrenaline activities.

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Be active in Ifrane!, Ifrane



Are you hoping to max out on sports during your Ifrane vacation? In this little corner of Morocco not too far from Fez, you can explore immense cedar forests as you trek on foot or on horseback depending on whether you prefer hiking or trail riding. Climb into the trees and admire the region's unique landscapes on a treetop ropes course. Hop on a mountain bike or an ATV to explore the countless lakes in the area. And if you come in the winter, bring your skis. Enjoy the high quality air of the Ifrane region for an invigorating trip!

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