Festival de Fès, Musiques Sacrées du Monde

Fez World Sacred Music Festival

In the heart of Morocco, in an atmosphere colored by spellbinding music, Fez awaits you for its traditional World Sacred Music Festival at the beginning of the wonderful month of May. A city of culture and tradition, Fez is renowned for its Moorish beauty.

Enter this warm world and share an amazing experience with fellow music-lovers. Magical moments await as the city comes alive to the sound of traditional music.

Between the Jnan Sbil garden and the Bab Al Makina area, the musical performances flow one after another in a great atmosphere of festivity. And that's only the music! Thousands of visitors, fans and professional musicians, flock every year to these special concerts where the entertainment offered by the city of Fez is just as popular with the public. Guided walks, themed talks, exhibitions and unusual performances attract the curious and lovers of world culture.

By night, the ancient city invites you to share in a magical experience by walking between the palaces at the heart of the Fez Medina, enjoying local traditional music as well as the ambiance and beautiful décor all around ... an experience that you will never forget.

Date event

From 12 May To 20 May 2017