Moussem Des Femmes Créatrices d’Asilah

A festival dedicated to female creativity

Asilah gives you the opportunity to celebrate women! Every year it holds a moussem, a cultural and religious ceremony, which honors women and the arts: poets, visual artists and artisans of all kinds present their works.

The exhibitions are varied and bring you into direct contact with the arts of the Maghreb and the creativity of the Arab world in general. It is also an opportunity for you to discover rural know-how and reach out to local artisans who will be pleased to introduce you to traditional weaving techniques to give you a feel for the products and local methods.

These meetings are not the only attractions of the event. Collective exhibitions are also organized during the event affording you a glimpse of the richness of contemporary Moroccan art.

Date event

From 15 Mar To 27 Mar 2017