Take a deep dive into the bustling souks of Marrakesh, Marrakech


Imagine a narrow, sinuous street lined with overflowing food displays. You get a sense of abundance and the sounds of animated bargaining ring through the air like a joyous racket. There's no mistaking it – youare right in the heart of one of Marrakesh's famous souks!

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Local products


Discover Morocco's myriad local products

Morocco makes the most of its abundant natural resources. Skilled artisans who have inherited ancestral know-how sculpt and shape nature's gifts.

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International brands


Contemporary shopping

Morocco is known for its traditional handiwork, but it is also a place for ultra-modern shopping experiences. Casablanca, Marrakesh, Tangier, Agadir, Fez and Rabat are all major urban areas that feature contemporary shopping venues where you will find the most famous brands.

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Traditional craftsmanship revisited


Morocco: Combining authentic handicrafts with designer esthetics

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Upscale shopping in Rabat, Rabat


Rabat is a modern city, but it is still a place where traditions are handed down from generation to generation. Shopping in the capital city means discovering the rich variety of local crafts, but it also means enjoying ultra-modern facilities and strolling down streets that feature all the major national and international retail brands.

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Shopping for traditional handicraft in Rabat, Rabat


Rabat is a dynamic capital, especially on streets that bustle with the excitement of shops and open-air markets. Traditional crafts exist alongside artisanal objects reinterpreted by modern designers.

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Cities with ancient art traditions, Fez-Meknes

Cities with ancient art traditions.jpg

It often seems that time stands still in the medinas of Fez and Meknes. Yet behind their high walls, a host of artisans busy themselves crafting and reviving traditions to produce works that are both authentic and modern.

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Shop ‘til you drop, Marrakech

marrakech, centre commercial, shopping al mazar

In Marrakesh, tradition and modernity always get along famously and shopping is no exception.

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the official art form of Safi, Safi

safi artisanat.jpg

Safi is more than a world-famous surfing destination. It is also a small town steeped in history and authenticity whose ceramics have a reputation of their own.

Recognizable by their typical blue color, the amphorae, flowerpots and everyday objects like cups, bowls and plates hand crafted by Safi's potters are bound to make you want to buy some for yourself.

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The pleasures of the backcountry, Agadir-Taghazout


Everything seems a bit sweeter under the Agadir sun. Shopping is no exception, so expect to boost your sense of well-being as you taste the many flavors of the Agadir region.

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