Welcome to Morocco. Beaches, sun, leisure activities… Vacations rich in emotion and discovery, in complete safety, without improvisation – it's all here!

Moroccan hospitality is no myth. From your arrival and your first mint tea, you will be won over by the care which surrounds you.

A fantastic welcome


In Morocco, travelers are welcomed as friends. Everything is therefore organized and done to ensure your stay goes smoothly. For cultural excursions or to laze on the beach, quality activities are organized to ensure you are totally comfortable.

A pace to suit everyone

Lounging on the beach, sport, shopping or even a scenic excursion – everyone can choose a timetable to suit them. We have planned it so that everyone can do what they want quite simply and without any stress.

Comfort and well-being

Your future vacation destination, hotel or riad (the famous Moroccan palaces with internal gardens), is fully equipped for your relaxation and well-being – whether you are alone, in a couple or with your family. We will organize your trip professionally so that your activities, your days out and your purchases can be carried out easily and free of stress. You can also opt for a club package with events and shows in the evenings.

Guaranteed organization

Moroccan couscous

So as not to waste time and better plan how your days are organized, all practical information about the duration of excursions or meals will be provided. We are well aware that vacation time is precious and must not be wasted. Here, waiting times are reduced as much as possible and responses to your questions are fast and accurate.

To remember

A country of hospitality, Morocco knows perfectly how to organize stays which exceed all your expectations in terms of comfort, relaxation and well-being, with complete confidence.

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Let yourself be tempted by a trip prepared by an expert travel agent in Morocco.