For lively vacations with guaranteed excitement and packed with thrills, the wealth of activities on offer in Morocco provides a limitless range for experimentation.

Abandon the well-trodden tracks and join traditional celebrations where you will be sincerely invited to share the simple life of Moroccans.

Celebrations for everyone

Tissint folklore

In Morocco, discover the moussems, which are both religious celebrations and market fairs. They take place throughout the year, all around Morocco. The most well known are those for betrothals in Imilchil, or the one in Kelaa M’Gouna's famous Valley of the Roses. For Moroccans, this is an opportunity to catch up with people who live far away, to meet up, to trade, to tell each other about what has been happening during the year. Immerse yourself in this unforgettable and picturesque atmosphere, these authentic slices of a very simple life…

Observing and sharing

The great imperial cities all have their markets, which go on all day from early morning. Watch the faces entranced by a storyteller, be entertained by a mischievous little monkey holding out its begging bowl, be thrilled by the snake-charmers. A glance is enough to make friends… And take advantage of the cafes to share a simple and delicious meal with your new friends.

Unexpected pleasures

In the nomads' tents

In Er-Rachidia, on the way to the pink dunes, you will be surprised to taste a delicious home-made yoghurt, so fresh on this sun-drenched road. It will be delicately flavored with rose or cinnamon. Taste this little unexpected miracle and, if you ever return, you will be sure to be easily recognized: in Morocco, meetings are not superficial.

To remember

We are waiting for you. If human adventure and meetings tempt and excite you, there is no risk of leaving empty-handed and disappointed!

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Let yourself be tempted by a trip prepared by an expert travel agent in Morocco.