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Fez: tradition and talent

The medina in Fez is an authentic journey back in time where you can discover More

Marrakech, a movie magnet as ever before

Sequined dresses and Stras will be the centre of attention during the 9th edition of the Marrakech International film Festival scheduled between 4 and 12 December 2009 to honor the South Korean... More

Year-end celebrations: mild weather, for a change

With continuous mild temperatures and abiding sunshine, Morocco is the ideal destination for original end of the year holidays in an authentic setting. In this country of contrasts and gentle pl... More

The unspoilt Mediterranean for fortunate visitors

When planning your holidays, consider Mediterrania-Saïdia, to the east of Morocco, a new More

Moroccotherapy, the best antidote answer to the economic crisis

The Moroccotherapy is the only effective treatment against all the imaginary diseases ( “Listlesssiosis”,”Furiosis”,…) b... More

Everyone has their own dream vacation

Lounging, adventure, out of the beaten track, well-being...

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