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Morocco Honored in Pictures at "Les Sommets de l'Image"

For the 6th Annual "Les Sommets de l'Image" outdoor photography exhibit, taking place December 9 - April 25, 52 remarkable photos of Morocco will be showcased at Courchevel Ski Resort in France.
The exhibit will feature original, breath-taking photos by critically acclaimed photographers Jacques Bravo, Cécile Tréal and Jean Michel Ruiz.
The beautiful photos bring to life the diverse landscapes and rich colors of Morocco - from the great Atlas Mountains to the fields of saffron, to sweeping seaside views - reinforcing Morocco as a destination that stays with you, leaving a profound impact on its visitors.

Growing in artistic prominence throughout Europe, the photo exhibit welcomes 1.2 million visitors each year, of which 750 000 are skiers and 450 000 are non-skiers.
Placed throughout 4 levels of the Courchevel ski resort, the original photos will be presented to maximize impact: in a large, impressive format (4m² à plus de 100m²) that will capture the imagination and inspire the curiosity of viewers from around the world.
Find out more about Les Sommets de l'Image here:

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