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The unspoilt Mediterranean for fortunate visitors

When planning your holidays, consider Mediterrania-Saïdia, to the east of Morocco, a new beach resort benefiting from exceptional natural surroundings. The 14km of beach runs up to the border, forming a golden strip of fine sand. The climate is unusually mild and the sea laps peacefully against the shore. From Saïdia, it is easy to visit the region’s diverse landscapes of mountains, plains, high plateaus and desert. Throughout the region, flora and fauna flourish amid unspoilt nature. At the mouth of the Moulouya, an ecological park provides an opportunity to admire the many birds which come here to seek refuge. Tours and excursions are organized by professionals who ensure your visit runs smoothly. Meanwhile seaside fun is more accessible than ever as a result of the resort’s modern facilities, ensuring everything will be ready for the official opening planned for June.

With its modern luxury hotels, contemporary holiday complexes, seaside promenade, marina, golf courses, spa facility, conference centre and, as always, the countless shopping opportunities in the medina, Mediterrania-Saïdia is set to become Morocco’s leading Mediterranean resort. Especially since it is a responsible destination, with low-density buildings and a zero-plastic-bags objective. And as everywhere, Morocco’s unadulterated charm, famous craftsmanship and gastronomy and faultless hospitality. The ideal destination for relaxing, sunny and mildly exotic holidays, with friends, family or as a couple.

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