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When returning to your roots means a dream holiday

Spending your holiday in the country is an opportunity to get your friends together to rediscover the friendly atmosphere of traditional Morocco. If you are looking for a seaside break, take advantage of the new facilities at Agadir, on the edge of the Atlantic, or Saïdia, overlooking the Mediterranean. With promenades built along the seashore, marinas, golf courses and a variety of accommodation, these sunny destinations lack nothing. And in the evenings, enjoy restaurants, lounges and nightclubs to celebrate friendship. If you are looking for a more natural holiday, visit the flora and fauna of the mountainous massifs. Head off to meet farming communities in lush green valleys with their terraced crops ‒ “Paradise Valley” near Immouzer Ida Ouatanane, for example. The region offers fantastic walks, in the shade of olive, argan and almond trees or through palm groves.

But if your main reason for returning to the country is to party with friends, choose a city offering lively entertainment instead. Marrakech and Casablanca have moved ahead in this respect with their nightspots now frequented not only by a Moroccan, but also an international clientele. This is where the heart of Morocco's future beats, the one of youths… Morocco is yours, plan your trip according to your wishes and preferences.

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bouton retour

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