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Year-end celebrations: mild weather, for a change

With continuous mild temperatures and abiding sunshine, Morocco is the ideal destination for original end of the year holidays in an authentic setting. In this country of contrasts and gentle pleasures of life, come bathe on the beaches of Dakhla or Agadir, on the southern coast on the Atlantic, after giving in to the temptation of skiing in the Atlas, in Michlifen near the Ifrane or in Oukaïmeden in the outskirts of Marrakesh. Whatever the region, you will always have a golf course close at hand: against a backdrop of mountains, with a view of the sea, or even in a forest, come work on that swing!

Are you gourmet? Marrakesh and Fez and their magnificent riads invite you to an elaborate New Year's Eve supper in which you will be able to savour the best of Moroccan cuisine. Take advantage of the festivals which take place in December, such as the Agadir immigration film festival, or the clementine festival in Berkane in the vicinity of Oujda. And if you choose to come in January, you will be able to take part in the Berber new year on the 12th. Whether in a riad, a hotel, or a bivouac in the desert, alone or with family, Morocco offers you that perfect sunny escape in the heart of the winter.

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