sky and sports!, Marrakech

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Marrakesh loves being active. The city has the most modern facilities to accommodate a full range of recreational activities to quench your thirst for outdoor experiences.

With elegantly designed greens and courses suitable for all levels, the golf courses of Marrakesh are a must. The city's golf offerings invite you to indulge your passion against splendid backdrops on original courses designed by the best architects.

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The pleasure of golfing

In Morocco, golf is a more than just a sport: it's tradition! For a little over a century, golf courses have been cropping up across the country. There are currently 37 that invite you to indulge your passion under ideal conditions against beautiful backdrops and with access to the most modern infrastructure.

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Hiking and Trik

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Morocco on foot

Wide open spaces are abundant in Morocco. Throughout the kingdom, there are national parks that preserve nature's beauty and double as magnificent hiking destinations. To the south and the east, the Sahara beckons: head there for an adventure within the immensity of the desert.

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Other sports


A plethora of sports!


Morocco is also a country for recreational athletes. It is a top destination for water sports, golf and hiking, but its variety of outdoor settings and modern infrastructure offer countless other ways to have an active holiday.


Let's start with horseback riding. After all, the kingdom has a long tradition, as evidenced by the national stables in Marrakesh, Meknes and Oujda. Choose your mount and try an obstacle course or a casual ride in the countryside, along a beach or in the Moroccan backcountry.


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Nautical sports


Morocco in the ocean's embrace

Morocco offers water sports aficionados more than 1,800 miles of coastline! The country's beaches stretch from the crashing waves of the Atlantic to the blue expanses of the Mediterranean and offer visitors well-maintained sites with a full complement of facilities.

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A variety of sports in the green city, Rabat


Rabat is known for both its elegance and its active lifestyle. There is no shortage of sporting activities in Morocco's capital, whether you choose an adventure on the ground, in the water or in the air.

The beaches are rife with opportunity: pick up a jet ski, a surf board or a windsurfing board and hit the waves! At Udayas Beach, you can paddle out in a kayak to see the coastline in a whole new light.

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A different kind of recreation, Fez-Meknes

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Fez and Meknes are cities of art and history, but more active visitors will find plenty of ways to practice their favorite hobbies under ideal conditions. The two cities have a wide variety of facilities and long golf and equestrian traditions, which make them coveted destinations for the most energetic tourists.

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The mountain is your playground, Marrakech

oukaimeden Parc National du Toubkal accro-branches

The ocher walls of Marrakesh back up to the Atlas Mountains, whose steep slopes are an invitation to adventure. Hike across hills, cross valleys on suspension bridges or speed down ski runs from the snowy peaks.

Test your mettle by attempting an ascent of Jebel Toubkal. Led by a local guide, you'll trek up the trail and camp under the stars until you finally reach the summit: magnificent views of the surroundings await you as a reward for your efforts!

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Saidia is rife with activities, Oujda-Saïdia


Saïdia's beaches are an invitation to relaxation, but they are also playgrounds where active visitors can wear themselves out and push their limits. The beaches here have everything you need to enjoy a wide range of activities. Of course water sports reign here, with exhilarating options like windsurfing, kite-surfing and water skiing.

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Let the wind be your guide in Dakhla, Dakhla


Dakhla is a dream come true for wave and wind sports. Under perpetually clear, sunny skies on the Atlantic coast, get carried away by the waves and let the wind be your guide.

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