Atlantic coast

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 Sports and relaxation

The waves of the Atlantic Ocean lap at western Morocco. Along thousands of miles of coastline, beaches await with the promise of opportunities for relaxation and for taking advantage of the many pleasures available along the ocean's edge.

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Mediterranean coast


Extensive beaches along the Mediterranean

Morocco has an enviable geographic position between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, each of which has its own character and enhances the country's riches.

Go for a walk along the Mediterranean coast – from Tangier to Al Hoceima to Saïdia – for moments of unadulterated pleasure. This coastline is especially generous when it comes to fine sand beaches, intimate coves, nature reserves and, of course, its innumerable picturesque villages.

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Beaches as far as the eye can see, Rabat


Rabat offers up every kind of entertainment, including culture, green tourism and water activities.

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Tangier: swim in the shadow of the Strait, Tanger-Tetouan


Tangier, the White City, overlooks the Strait of Gibraltar. It is a place with an embarrassment of natural and cultural attractions that you may never want to leave.

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Spend a seaside vacation with friends or family, Oujda-Saïdia


With endless white sand beaches and water on the horizon, Saïdia is the pearl of the Mediterranean. Everything about this seaside resort town is designed to encourage relaxation and well-being. Come for a few days and forget your everyday worries. Escape from it all at cutting-edge hotels that feature every amenity while embracing the spirit of sustainable development.

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Let the wind be your guide in Dakhla, Dakhla


Dakhla is a dream come true for wave and wind sports. Under perpetually clear, sunny skies on the Atlantic coast, get carried away by the waves and let the wind be your guide.

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Make like a castaway on the beaches of Dakhla, Dakhla


With hundreds of miles of empty, fine sand beaches running north-south along the Atlantic Ocean, Dakhla is a sublime setting. You will feel connected to nature, which is as mysterious here as it is unspoiled.

The bay of Dakhla lies on a peninsula at the mouth of the Rio de Oro. The warm, turquoise waters of its splendid lagoon harbor migratory birds, pink flamingos, tortoises, monk seals, rays and humpback dolphins. You can enjoy them from the southern tip of the peninsula at Punta Sarga.

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The sweet life, Safi


Lapped by the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, Safi is a beach town where a pleasant stay is guaranteed. Its inviting climate features mild temperatures and abundant sunshine. As for its beaches, they are all equally suited to intensive sports or hours of idleness.

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Achieve relaxation nirvana on the beaches of Al Hoceima!, Al Hoceima


Come dip your toes in the water for a restful, idle vacation spent loafing on one of the many beaches in and around Al Hoceima: Asfiha, Espalmadero, Quemado, Cala Bonita and many more await you!

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The Atlantic Ocean is your playground, Agadir-Taghazout


Bordered by the ocean and bathed in year-round sun, Agadir is the capital of seaside tourism in Morocco. With an ideal location, an abundant supply of hotels and recreational centers and a variety of modern infrastructures, there are unlimited opportunities for active visitors. Seize them and enjoy your favorite sport in an impossibly beautiful setting.

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