Al Hoceima, land of adventure

A gateway to adventure

Al Hoceimaoffers a bay, backcountry and magnificent landscapes where you can relax or where you can exert yourself and push your physical limits. The Mediterranean and the nearby national park offer a wide variety of recreational options, making them playgrounds for adventure seekers.

Tala Youssef beach is especially well known. The "Fun Med" watersports complex rents equipment to visitors so you can get in on the most exciting activities: rent jet skis and cruise the water or grab a revved up four-wheeler to indulge your need for high-speed thrills.

If you’d rather keep your feet on the ground, the backcountry is full of hiking possibilities. A marked trail passes through Al Hoceima National Park for foot travelers. There are cottages along the way so you can explore this protected forest for several days at a time. If you're really brave, you can try your hand at caving in some of the region’s myriad caverns. So far over 200 have been catalogued, many of which let you head down into the bowels of the Earth to discover spectacular rock landscapes.

Why would you just relax in Al Hoceima when there is so much to do?