Azilal, a rich history

Azilal, a city with a thousand facets

Hidden deep in the heart of Morocco, Azilal is one of the country's little-known gems. Roads converge on this town halfway between the ocean and the desert, where cultures mingle. Arab and Berber traditions contribute to the special atmosphere here.

This intermingling is also reflected in the cuisine, which flatters your palate with a variety of dishes, each of which is more delicious than the last. The local craftsmanship is also stellar: wool is worked artfully into carpets that become charming mementos of your journey.

Proof of the region's storied history stand all around you. Here, a fortified earthen granary that was used to protect crops in times of scarcity, when famine was a real risk. There, a tighermt, a complex of fortified structures. Over there, fossilized dinosaur remains. During the Mesozoic era, these huge reptiles lived around Azilal. Today, the Demnate Nature Reserve works to preserve their bones and make them accessible to visitors. Casual and serious paleontologists alike should not miss the chance to visit.