Aicha Des Gazelles Rally

25 September 2020 Sport

Since 1990, the Rallye Aicha Des Gazelles has been an institution. This sporting event brings together women from all around the world to take part in an exceptional race through the Moroccan desert. This is an opportunity for the women to prove themselves and to be part of a human adventure!

The basics of this rally are that, with just one companion for company, the competitors come face to face with nature. There is no GPS, just a course to be followed. The 324 gazelles are divided into several levels of novice and expert. Each arrives with their own objective: to win, to discover, to adventure...

Morocco is endowed with great natural beauty. The gazelles gaze upon the surrounding desert landscape. The rocky ground gives way to sand dunes. Dust swirls rise from the passing vehicles. Then come the first problems (puncture, stuck in the sand...), but who cares! The participants are there to enjoy the beautiful environment! The Rallye Des Gazelles is above all postcard scenery combined with serene calm.