Gnaouas And World Music Festival - Gnaoua Festival Tour

16 October 2020 Festivals and Moussems

The city of Essaouira sits on the Atlantic Ocean, where it is protected by a magnificent fortress and cooled by trade winds. The Gnaoua and World Music Festival unfolds to the rhythm of the craftsmen-marketers in the shade of palm trees between the city's two citadels and fishing port. Each May this event invites you to come share its musical crushes, hear the latest discoveries and revel in cultural and artistic friendships.

The festival ambiance is incredible. Visitors, festivalgoers and performers sleep under the stars or in unique riads. Everything is designed to encourage harmony and bonding. The festival gives pride of place to gnawa music. Get to know this ancestral music played by master musicians called Maalem. Their music rises and pierces your body and mind to soothe the soul.

With world music, traditional music and scenery that will take your breath away, your stay in these sun-drenched climes will be pure pleasure. Music lovers, musicians, newcomers and fans of eastern mélopées will find kindred spirits who share their passion. Expect jam sessions, conversation, literature and poetry.

This colorful musical and cultural event in the heart of Morocco attracts 300,000 people each year.