Authentic hospitality

Choose traditional accommodations for an authentic experience

Offering up a warm welcome, stunning scenery and a secular culture, Morocco has everything to make your vacation unforgettable. That even includes traditional accommodations to take you inside the Moroccan lifestyle.

Head into celebrated medinas not just to explore the marvelous heritage they contain and the know-how of their artisans, but to get an up-close look at the Moroccan way of life by staying in a splendid riad or guesthouse – atraditional home designed around a patio.

You will find the same authenticity in the mountains and the valleys, whether you opt for a home stay, a cottage, an inn or the charm and comfort of an adobe kasbah.

And if you dream of desert vistas and oases, you will be delighted to bivouac in the Sahara.

No matter which traditional style of lodging you choose, we know you will be enchanted.