Forests: Walking and hiking

Morocco's green capital

When you think of Morocco, mountains, beach and culture come to mind. But remember that the kingdom is covered with forests that won't fail to delight the most adventurous travelers!

The country's national parks are prime places to experience these enchanting forests. Take a deep dive into these green forests. Discover the Gouraud Cedar Forest and the Azrou Cedar Forest near Ifrane, where majestic trees crown the tops of the Middle Atlas mountains. Just a bit further to the east lies the Tazekka Nature Reserve. Try not to miss Talassemtane National Park and its numerous rivers, lakes and waterfalls. This is also home to some of the most luxurious, diverse plant life in Morocco. Come lose yourself amidst these sumptuous landscapes decorated with trees of all shapes and sizes.

When you visit these forests, you support sustainable tourism as you commune with nature. There are many well-maintained, well-marked hiking trails to choose from. Spend one or several days walking through the woods and get close to Morocco's flora and fauna, which are inexhaustible sources of wonder!

Explore another facet of Morocco by choosing forests, adventure and eco-tourism.