Natural parks and lakes in Morocco

The surprising bounties of nature!

Mountains form the backdrop of the Moroccan hinterland. Look to this majestic terrain to experience nature at its most charming. Waterfalls cascade down into the valleys below, pooling into lakes that are perfect for relaxing. Work your way through these wild expanses and see Morocco from another angle as you get to know its lakes and nature parks.

There are nature reserves throughout the country, each of which serves up a wide variety of landscapes and an irresistible setting for hikers. Around Agadir, choose the Souss Moussa Nature Park for dunes, steppes and forests. You will love sharing the park with gazelles and bald ibises, among other creatures. Head north into the Rif, near Chefchaouen, and count the 35 animal species of the Talassemtane National Park for yourself. But don't forget Ifrane, where cedar forests crown the summits of the region's eponymous national park.

You can also experience invigorating lakes throughout the kingdom: Lalla Takerskout for jet-skiing and sailing; Ifni Lake, the biggest mountain lake in the country, which is cherished by backpackers; and Lake Tislit, which hosts the Imilchil engagement moussem each year.

See a different side of Morocco, the one that treasures fresh air, protects the land and values its ecosystems