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Contemporary shopping

Morocco is known for its traditional handiwork, but it is also a place for ultra-modern shopping experiences. Casablanca, Marrakesh, Tangier, Agadir, Fez and Rabat are all major urban areas that feature contemporary shopping venues where you will find the most famous brands.

Stock up along the main thoroughfares of these cities or in shopping malls where national and international brands vie for your attention. Stroll from shop to shop and feast your eyes on the latestfashion looks. No matter what you seek, you are guaranteed to see something that strikes your fancy in the kingdom's cities.

Morocco's modern, well-stocked cities have the most famous chains: from ready-to-wear and eyeglasses to jewelry and watches, it's all here! Work up an appetite so you can enjoy a great meal. The cities are peppered with international café and restaurant chains whose terraces will tempt you to take a break before you start shopping again. There are plenty of fun activities on par with international standards.

Everywhere you go in the kingdom, you will find a mix of international brands and local crafts to ensure you have a variety of experiences.