Sports and nature in Morocco

A plethora of sports!


Morocco is also a country for recreational athletes. It is a top destination for water sports, golf and hiking, but its variety of outdoor settings and modern infrastructure offer countless other ways to have an active holiday.


Let's start with horseback riding. After all, the kingdom has a long tradition, as evidenced by the national stables in Marrakesh, Meknes and Oujda. Choose your mount and try an obstacle course or a casual ride in the countryside, along a beach or in the Moroccan backcountry.


A different kind of saddle, but just as much fun: the kingdom is also mad about bicycling. There are trails in the national parks around Agadir and Marrakesh that even experienced mountain bikers will find challenging.


Do you crave even more adventure? Then try spelunking! Morocco abounds in caves, each more spectacular than the next. Kehf Tikhoubaiin the Middle Atlas is worth the trip: its caves plunge into the bowels of the earth to depths of over 1,000 feet.


If you like water, why not give sport fishing a try? Morocco has coastlines on the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, which means there are many opportunities to cast a line. The areas around Agadir, the Bay of Dakhla and the shores of Sidi Ifni are great for big-game fishing.


There is plenty of fun to be had on inland bodies of water as well. Head to the Ahansal River gorge for two days of whitewater rafting: the 28-mile trip leads to the famous Bin El Ouidane Lake and the chance to raft or kayak.


Morocco is a place where you can practice every kind of sport – onthe water, on land and even underground!