Marathon des sables

Human adventure par excellence, the Marathon Des Sables (Marathon of the Sands) is your personal challenge. Participants head out into the desert for several kilometers, with the sandy landscape spread out before them. Since 1986, the Marathon Des Sables has been the rendez vous for any adventurer in search of beautiful scenery and solitude.

The Marathon Des Sables to push your limits

For a week, the marathoners travel through the heart of the desert. Left to themselves, they launch into personal challenges that push them to their limits. The challenge of the timed stages is not so important that they will forget the setting in which they run. In six stages, they will travel at least 250 kilometers (about 156 miles). The participants are provided with equipment and food along the way. To complete the distance, many alternate between walking and running. Lahcen Ahansal is the authority on this marathon. He has won ten times!

The Marathon Des Sables to immerse yourself into Morocco's natural world

Morocco is full of treasures. Its desert is one of them. With its earth reddened by sand and sun, this country is one of the most beautiful there is to visit. The marathoners have understood this. Facing the dunes, alone, gives them a unique opportunity! 

Date event

From 18 Sep To 28 Sep 2020