Marrakech of laughter

Since 2011, Jamel Debbouze and his gang have taken over Marrakesh for a comedy festival. This comedy and humor festival gives Moroccans and Francophones of the world a chance to come together in pursuit of a single goal: laughter.

The most highly anticipated moment of the festival is the Jamel and Friends gala, where a parade of comedians perform for several hours. But Marrakech du Rire is much more than that, with comedy film screenings and one-man shows. Audiences can see comics from the Jamel Comedy Club like Bouchra, Younès and Bambi and Alban Ivanov.

Scheduling 21 shows in just a few days requires excellent organization, so various venues in Marrakesh lent a hand, which means that if you attend the festival, you may see the insides of Palais Badii, Théâtre Royal or the Institut Français.

Date event

From 9 Jun To 14 Jun 2020