Mawazine Festival of World Rhythms:

Rabat knows how to cast a spell amongst its palm and orange trees. Tucked into a space guarded by kilometers of fortress walls that light up in the setting sun, the city's beauty is only surpassed by its cultural riches.

Each year, the city puts on the Mawazine Festival of World Rhythms, which attracts enthusiasts, passionate fans and the merely curious. The Mawazine festival is at the intersection of music and culture and happens to be one of the most cosmopolitan festivals in vogue right now. Maroc Culture gives you a chance to listen alongside local attendees and appreciate Moroccan singers and musicians, traditional music performers and concerts by internationally known groups. The festival programs promising young talents and major acts that have been entertaining you for years. A wide array of international artists have performed here. Festivalgoers enjoy a wide selection thanks to multiple stages, such as Théâtre National Mohammed V, Salé, Bouregreg, Espace Nahda and OLM Souissi. This musical diversity never fails to charm and beguile attendees who travel from all over the world to take part in the world's second-largest cultural event.

Date event

From 19 Jun To 26 Jun 2020