Morocco Classic Rally

A rally devoted to the most beautiful cars

The Morocco Classic Rally is an automobile race like no other. Come drive or cheer for the vintage cars linesalong high-quality roads that cross splendid landscapes. Watch them eat up the road and gobble up kilometers and soak up the elegant silhouette of these collector cars competing in an event that reconciles elegance with sportiness.

The seven-stage race is only open to vehicles built between 1930 and 1985. The goal is to give the rally a certain nostalgic allure with a touch of the sophistication that made the races of yesteryear so charming. The gamble has paid off: observers and drivers have a ball during this week of auto-themed activities. After completing 2,200 kilometers, the main attraction is the seventh and final stage. It is set on a track and tests the competitors' technique, while treating the audience to a magnificent spectacle of roaring engines and screeching tires. The Morocco Classic Rally is an international event guaranteed to delight the car lovers of the world. 

Date event

From 14 Jun To 20 Jun 2020