Morocco Swim Treck

A competition like no other

The Morocco Swim Trek is a swimming competition out of the ordinary. On the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, in the middle of the Dakhla lagoon, it gives amateur and professional swimmers alike the opportunity to shine and to push their limits a little further.

Swim Trek is more than just a race. It is not a question of, as in the pool, simply beating your competitors. Here the swimmers must confront the elements, the forces of nature, tides, winds and waves. In this event they will have to face four challenges, four swimming events over different distances. The physical strength of the competitors will be tested over the course. The competitors will also have an opportunity to discover the richness of the region and each stage of the competition offers a chance to marvel at something different that makes the region special: on the second day, the competitors will have the pleasure of indulging in oyster tasting; the following day they can relax and regain their strength during a gala evening organized especially for them that gives pride of place to local folklore.

Date event

From 1 Dec To 6 Dec 2020