Moussem de Tan Tan

A celebration of desert culture

The city of Tan Tan stands amid the desert sands of southern Morocco. Each year, about thirty nomadic tribes of the Sahara meet there to celebrate a Moussem. A long time ago these meetings were spontaneous, subject to the agro-pastoral calendar of these peoples. Today, with a more regular schedule, these festivities give tourists the chance to experience the cultural richness of these nomadic tribes.

Horsemen prancing, tents everywhere and men and women dressed in chèches (a type of scarf) provide the panorama that unfolds before the eyes of visitors arriving at the Tan Tan Moussem. In the "Place de la paix et de la Tolérance" (Place of Peace and Tolerance), the name given to the location of the event, you can learn about customs and nomadic lifestyles. To guide you and satisfy your curiosity, areas are devoted to one particular piece of heritage or other of the tribes: 4 large tents are thus open to visitors who will find wearable art, local produce, local crafts or even tea and the whole ceremony that surrounds it. Come and enjoy this contact with the natives of the region, and learn about this charming and surprising culture in an authentic setting.

Date event

From 17 Jun To 22 Jun 2020