Museums and art galleries in Morocco

A land of abundant culture

As you travel across Morocco, you will discover it is a land of art and history. Everywhere you go, influences mingle to comprise a rich, diverse heritage that is preserved, showcased and offered up for your appreciation by museums and art galleries.

In Rabat, as in many Moroccan cities, these institutions celebrate tradition and new creations, among other things. At the Mohammed VI Museum, for example, you can enjoy the works of modern and contemporary artists. In 2016, the museum is honoring Giacometti. Elsewhere in the capital city, you will see that street art is in fashion. Meanwhile, the Archeological Museum introduces you to the treasures of Morocco's long history, from the Neolithic era to the Roman occupation. Even if you let your feet choose your path, you are bound to discover other sites that are worth a look.

Marrakesh is also packed with cultural institutions, the most important of which are the Villa Majorelle, the Berber Museum, Dar Si Said, the Heritage Museum and the Museum of Marrakesh. Rest assured there are many other wonders for art lovers!

Local craftsmen are the focus at other Moroccan museums, such as the Batha Museum and Nejjarine complex in Fez. Ceramics are front and center in Safi at the National Ceramics Museum. Don't miss Dar Jamai Palace in Meknes or the Kasbah Museum in Tangier, which has beenfreshly renovated to offer you an even better experience.

To the south, where the country gives way to the desert, nomadic cultures are honored. Laayoune boasts the Museum of Saharan Arts, but many other Moroccan cities have their own treasures. You can definitely get your fill of culture!