A unique surf spot

Surfers' paradise

A few miles from Agadir, Taghazout awaits with a different kind of fun. This former fishing village is now a modern seaside resort with impeccable facilities where surfing and other water surface sports are the main attraction.

Taghazout stands out for its remarkable setting. Its views are just as breathtaking as Agadir. Here, too, the sun shines year round and its four miles of beaches are bound by the High Atlas Mountains. The argan forest that runs alongside it gives visitors a glimpse at nature's surprising diversity. The resort itself comprises prestigious hotels and original wooden bungalows to make your stay a comfortable one.

Taghazout is also a world-famous surfing spot. If you like water surface sports, this is the place for you. Winds whip the Atlantic into impressive tubes that have made this legendary site a surfer's paradise since the 1970s. Are you new to surfing? Not to worry: the variety of waves that hit the beach make it a great place for surfers of all levels.

Venture a few miles away from Agadir to enjoy the bewitching setting and ocean waves of Taghazout.