Traditions and History

Culture in Agadir

Much of Agadir's reputation is built on its bay and its inexhaustible backcountry, but it is also a city of culture, where historic treasures coexist with contemporary events.

Step back from the ocean front and slip into the medina. Lose yourself in alleyways lined with zellige-adorned walls, walk through ornate doors and get acquainted with the craftsmanship of Agadir's artisans. Then head to the Kasbah, which is perched on a rock 775 feet above the ground. After standing watch over the city for over five centuries, not even the 1960 earthquake could topple it.

The Kasbah serves up a panorama of a city marked by various influences. In the medina there is a museum that pays tribute to Amazigh, or Berber, culture, not to mention artisans making jewelry and musicians filling the air with intoxicating tunes. Music is an important part of Agadir culture, where many festivals are held throughout the year, the most famous of which are the Timitar world music festival and the concert for tolerance.

Finally, Agadir, has a culinary culture with cooking traditions that showcase the region's ingredients: treat your taste buds with local specialties, such as a delicious monkfish with preserved lemon or a chicken tagine with honey, almonds and grapes.

This is what awaits you in the lovely Agadir – adiverse culture in a smiling, flourishing city.