One of the most beautiful bays in the world

Find nature in Agadir

The beautiful seaside town of Agadir does not lack for places to experience nature and you need not travel far to sample this wealth of resources.

The city itself is built on one of nature's most perfect treasures: the Agadir bay, which has been officially recognized as one of the most beautiful bays in the world since 2002. In addition to offering up quiet spots for relaxing, the bay forms a beautiful, spellbinding coastline that is made even more beautiful by the light of the setting sun as it sinks into the ocean.

In Agadir, nature has found a home right in the heart of the city. The Cocco Polizzi medina is but one example. Rebuilt after the 1960 earthquake, this medina outside the city center is nestled in the middle of a eucalyptus forest. The Valley of the Birds is another example. This gorgeous park spreads over six acres and is open to the public free of charge. Walk through its gates and enter a different world: all around you lie paths bordered by palm trees and exotic flowers, plus ponds and streams. Of course, there are birds from all over the world, as well as monkeys, kangaroos and llamas that makefor friendly companions as you stroll the grounds.

Explore the lovely Agadir, a city that has made room for nature and where small rustic pleasures abound.