Avontuur is binnen handbereik in Al Hoceima

Adventure is within reach in Al Hoceima

Al Hoceima is famous for its bay and idyllic beaches. Many people only think of it in these terms, imagining it as just another seaside resort. But they are overlooking the mountains that stretch beyond the sea and the city's hinterland, which is one of the most beautiful in all Morocco.

The area is home to Al Hoceima National Park, which is bordered by the waters of the Mediterranean and cut from high cliffs, showcasing the varied terrain forged by the Bokkoyas Massif. The sublime landscapes are lush green in the spring, then sparser in summer, but always drenched in the bright light of the Moroccan sun. Exploring them on foot is a delight. A hiking trail runs through the park so visitors can discover its secrets. Cottages are staggered at intervals so you can spend several days getting to know the local flora and fauna. Deeper into the Moroccan Rif you will find the Taghzout Valley. It is about 60 miles from Al Hoceima, but the destination is worth the effort, rewarding the eyes with natural beauty and architectural feats.

Back on the coast, Bades Island also deserves your attention. This modest chunk of rock is connected to the African continent by a narrow strip of sand, making it a surprising sight. Set against the backdrop of the Mediterranean, it has a vast reef where the waves come crashing in.

Although idle relaxation is a key draw in Al Hoceima, adventure awaits just around the corner!