From the souk to the luxury boutique

Handiwork that embodies authenticity and modernity

Casablanca, the country's economic engine, is equipped with ultra-modern infrastructure and is home to fast-growing corporations. However, the city has not turned its back on tradition; in fact, it holds Morocco's ancient know-how in very high esteem.

Just step into the medina, where you will meet authentic artisans concentrating on their work. Walk into the Habous district, the most animated part of the old city. Here you will find an entire souk devoted to copper: from the workshops of the coppersmiths to the stalls that sell their wares, the lights, trays and teapots are all festooned with arabesques.

The stands abound in Moroccan pastries. Ornamental leather work is also a mainstay: babouche slippers, handbags and poufs are all made to satisfy your souvenir needs.

Casablanca is also known for haute couture. The city is famous for the elegant caftans turned out by young designers, whose capacity for inspiration and reinvention never flags. These creations are featured at the Casa Fashion Show and, more prominently still, in Marrakesh at the annual Caftans of Morocco event, which has been held more than a few times in fashion capitals like Milan and Los Angeles. The renown of these fashion staples extends beyond Morocco's borders: fans like Angelina Jolie, Rihanna and Alicia Keys have shown public love for our caftans.

"Made in Casa" still makes an impression! Authentic handiwork happily coexists with modern reinterpretations.