Head and legs

By sea or by land, wear yourself out in Casablanca

As one would expect from a dynamic, bustling urban area, Casablanca is alto a sports-minded city. Whether you pick the ocean or terra firma, there are plenty of places and ways to indulge your passion or explore a new activity.

Golf is as popular in the White City as it is elsewhere in the country. There are several golf courses around town where you can work on your swing. With courses designed by well-renowned architects like David Cohen and Olivier Dongradi, they serve up difficult obstacles and challenges against enchanting backdrops.

Casablanca has an abundance of water sports as well. The Atlantic Ocean is especially well suited to surfing, windsurfing and jet skiing; if you like any of these sports, you will be in seventh heaven.

Are you more of an explorer? Then turn your attention to marine life. There are many diving schools along the coast where you can learn to navigate the underwater world.

Sport fishing is yet another possibility. The waters around Casablanca are abundant in fish and promise a good haul for both novice and experienced fishermen.

In the White City, your sporting activities are only limited by your imagination. So get out and enjoy them during your trip.