The natural beauty of Chefchaouen

Where nature lovers fall for the mountains and the sea

How could you not be enchanted by these landscapes? This is another spot where famous productions like "Game of Thrones" have come to take advantage of all the region has to offer. Talassemtane National Park and Bouhachem Nature Park were formed to protect nature's gifts and promote ecotourism.

In the midst of the 150,000 acres of this mountainous massif and its cedar, fir and pine forests, hiking enthusiasts will be amazed by the various trails that lead to Kalaa, Tissouka mountain, Akchour or Azilane. Each site is more captivating than the next. Your eyes will light up at the famous God Bridge, an 80 foot-tall natural arch near Akchour. Seek solace in the melodies made by the Cherafat waterfalls that surround the mosque. Or simply enjoy the springs at Ras Al Maa or Toughoubit cave.

Water lovers will be equally delighted because here the Mediterranean coast boasts cliffs and river outlets, in addition to OuedLaou and Targha beaches, which are known for their untamed beauty.

Go ahead and give into the charm of Morocco's sapphire sea.