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Let the wind be your guide in Dakhla

Dakhla is a dream come true for wave and wind sports. Under perpetually clear, sunny skies on the Atlantic coast, get carried away by the waves and let the wind be your guide.

There are three particularly well known spots in the area. On the lagoon side, the PK 25 beach is especially appealing to kitesurfers. Get caught up in its favorable winds and cut some of your finest figures ever. Look a bit further to where a sand dune sinks into the sea, marking the most beautiful site in the area. This is Pointe du Dragon, the place to be for wave lovers. If you are "just" a surfer, head straight for the ocean side and Foum El Bouir beach, where surfing virtuosos convene.

Fishing is also a major attraction in Dakhla. Try surf casting from the shore –you'relikely to be surprised by the results! You can also rent a dinghy and hire a guide to show you around the area's most abundant fishing spots.

Whether you're balancing on a board or relaxing with a fishing rod in your hand, Dakhla is a heavenly destination for outdoor lovers.