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The pleasures of swimming in El Jadida

The northern and southern coasts of the former Mazagan are home to pleasant beaches where you can safely swim and relax.

Just 5 miles from El Jadida, Sidi Bouzid beach is undoubtedly the one you will like best. Its fine sand and clear seawater cooled by currents from the Canary Islands make it one of the most popular beaches in Morocco. You may also succumb to the charms of Haouzia, the beautiful, tranquil beach in Azemmour.

Between windsurfing, sailing, water skiing, jet skiing and sailing, you can also indulge in your favorite water sports. If you are a surfing fan, you probably already know that Sidi Bouzid is a world-renowned destination.

After spending a perfect day at the beach, how about a long stroll down the Boulevard de Suez or around the El Jadida port across from Bastion de l’Ange, where you can feast your eyes on fresh seafood? Shad, the delicious cousin of the sardine, is the region's most famous fish, but there are many other seafood items to tickle your taste buds, including sea urchins and oysters from Oualidia, a charming resort town south of El Jadida.

Come to El Jadida, where you’ll savor the swimming and the seafood.