Mogador for ever

Essaouira, city of art and history

Essaouira, the "well drawn" city, holds plenty of surprises. At the end of an alley, you may find a curio, a cultural vestige or a gallery featuring the work of a contemporary artist.

The city gets its special character from its ramparts. They are pierced by monumental doors that stand asworks of art and defense tactics. The ramparts are flanked by two citadels, the Kasbah squala and the Port squala. To get your first look at the city, stroll in the shadows of these historic walls, then go deeper into a maze of alleys and discover the medina. Like the whole city, and like the former Mogador now known as Essaouira, the medina is a mix of Western and Eastern influences. The minaret of Ben Youssef Mosque rises above and many consular homes dot its streets. 

Its standing as a city at the crossroads of civilizations also makes Essaouira a beloved place for artists. There are various galleries to celebrate beauty and creativity. Check out the artists' café, MareaArte Bleu Mogador and the Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdallah Museum, which honors the region's history of craftsmanship and folk traditions.

The myriad beauties of Essaouira are sure to blow you away!