Handicraft Paradise

Fashion and craftsmanship

Essaouira has more than its natural, untamed beauty to win your heart. Here, in the place once known as Mogador, prepare to be wowed by the skill of the town’s craftsmen, who are among the most talented in all Morocco.

Strolling under the Scala along the blockhouses of the old fort is a great way to admire the cabinetmakers and inlayers as they work thuja wood, silver and copper wire, mother of pearl or camel bone with equal parts dexterity and ingenuity. Who can resist the temptations of beautiful jewelry boxes, chess and checker boards and furniture? They all deserve a special place in our home,as do the woven wool blankets and traditional babouche slippers crafted from raffia or nubuck.

If you are interested in empowering women, leave room in your suitcase for argan oil, a specialty of the Essaouira region. In addition to enjoying the anti-ageing properties and culinary applications of the oil, you will be helping to improve the living conditions of the women who manage the oil co-ops.

 Although traditional products dominate the market, shopping addicts will also find boutiques that sell contemporary clothing and modern wares.

In Essaouira, shopping is synonymous with pleasure.