The capital of Moulay Ismail

The bewitching Meknes

Meknes is awash in an aura of enchantment. The ramparts that guard it seem to protect the city from the world around it. Walking through its gates is like returning to the era of the sultans.

The beauty and charms of the medina earned it a spot on the UNESCO register. Its position as a former seat of power and prestige makes Meknes the "Versailles of Morocco", where Sultan Moulay Ismail ruled as sovereign. Stop by his palace to discover the monumental door he used as an entrance – the same one that made such an impression on writer Pierre Loti. Beyond the palace, the mausoleum still holds the remains of the patron of Meknes. Elsewhere, his royal stables and granaries will leave you speechless.

Meknes is nestled within a fertile hinterland full of orchards, olive groves and vineyards. A few miles from the city lie the Roman ruins of Volubilis, which are still one of the most beautiful archaeological sites on the planet.

Get lost in Meknes as you soak up its unique ambiance, a harmonious blend of humankind's greatest achievements.