Music of the water

The riches of the Middle Atlas

The imperial cities of Fez and Meknes are some of the most beautiful in Morocco. The ramparts that surround them contain historical treasures, but outside these monumental walls lies an expansive hinterland full of big, open spaces that call you to adventure.

Fez and Meknes are situated on the Saiss Plain, which opens to the Middle Atlas Mountains. Observe and admire the terrain: majestic cedars blanket the slopes and waters flow from the peaks to the valleys to form lakes and invigorating springs. Leave your lookout point and take a closer look. The Oulmes and Vittel springs will delight you. Mother Nature has formed enchanting compositions for you to explore on foot, bike or horseback. Head to El Hajeb to see the Lion's Cave, a natural curiosity. Climb up to the cliffs and walk across their heights as the plain unfolds below, offering a beautiful panorama that will be forever seared into your memory. Meanwhile, a mountain lake awaits with pure, cool water full of fish. Why not cast a line?

With the mountains of the Middle Atlas as a backdrop, Fez and Meknes are full of surprises for outdoorlovers.