A preserved nature

Get back to nature in Ifrane

Do you dream of escaping into nature? In Ifrane, let the staggering beauty of its natural attractions transport you: take part in agri-tourism, observe unique plants and wildlife, relax on the edge of major lakes like DayetAoua and marvel at gorgeous, unexpected sites such as the AînLeuh waterfalls. A multitude of sensations await you in Ifrane!

What about a one-of-a-kind picnic at one of the nature destinations near Ifrane? Lakes, springs, waterfalls and forests are all possible settings for relaxing experiences.

In winter, you can make memories for a lifetime at the Michlifen and JbelHibri ski resorts. Whether you ski, sled or build a snowman, get ready for unforgettable moments!

You can also see a resplendent sunset over the Ifrah rocky plateau.

In and around Ifrane, you can relax into a feeling of natural well-being unlike any other.