A Challenging Climate

Be active in Ifrane!

Are you hoping to max out on sports during your Ifrane vacation? In this little corner of Morocco not too far from Fez, you can explore immense cedar forests as you trek on foot or on horseback depending on whether you prefer hiking or trail riding. Climb into the trees and admire the region's unique landscapes on a treetop ropes course. Hop on a mountain bike or an ATV to explore the countless lakes in the area. And if you come in the winter, bring your skis. Enjoy the high quality air of the Ifrane region for an invigorating trip!

Ifrane and its surroundings abound in greenery and fresh air. A wide range of sports and activities await you amidst unexpectedly rich landscapes. Between the singular beauty of its many lakes and waterfalls, you will be able to relax and bloom in a setting that is especially well suited to all kinds of athletic pursuits. Hunting aficionados will be able to indulge their passion in the depths of the world's biggest cedar forest. Water lovers can fish or set out in a pedal boat to explore lakes such as Dait Aoua, Afenourir or Dayet Hachlaf. You can even cap off this perfect getaway with snow skiing because, in the winter, the ski resorts at Michlifen and Jbel Hibri invite you to cruise down their snowy slopes on skis or in a sled!