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Nature in Marrakech

Atlas Mountains of Marrakech

Atlas Mountains of Marrakech

Marrakech from the mountaintops

Atop the parapets of the great walls, gaze at the landscapes as far as you can see. The city is surrounded by the Atlas Mountains. Their perpetually snow-capped peaks cut jagged silhouettes across the skyline. Something magical emerges from these landscapes ; an invitation to discovery that makes you yearn for an adventure !

Toubkal National Park stands between the N'Fiss and Ourika valleys. It is only a few dozen miles away, but once you reach the park, you’ll be bewitched by its charm. Here you are right in the center of the Atlas Mountains, amidst 94,000 acres of protected land. Juniper trees stand here and there and oaks shade you with their foliage as eagles soar and screech overhead.

Hire a guide to lead you on a climb of Jbel Toubkal. The effort takes two days, but your work is well rewarded once you land atop one of the most beautiful summits in Morocco, if not in all Africa. Throughout your adventure you’ll spot plants and wildlife, including jackals, weasels, foxes and even a Barbary macaque in some gorges. Contemplate the verdant variety of trees, such as thuya, dwarf palms and prickly pear.

Just a few miles away from Marrakech, you'll forget about the pink city as you immerse yourself in the greenery and revel in nature's hands.


Picture perfect places for leisures

The finest places in the middle of nature

The picturesque sites are numerous around Marrakech. These varied havens, allow you to quench your thirst for adventure while you soak up both culture and thrills.

Sport lovers, don't hesitate to go to the foot of the lake of Lalla Takerkoust. This magnificient place gives you the opportunity to indulge in all kinds of water activities such as jet skiing and canoeing.

In the surroundings, the Ouzoud waterfalls are also worth a visit. They are easy to reach and are a perfect opportunity for a family outing ; the waters rushing down from the heights create a wonderful scenery that delights young and old alike.

If you want to combine nature and culture, go to the high altitude resort of Oukaïmeden, where you’ll find rocky sites and pathways ideal for hiking that give you the opportunity to rest and admire the art of men of the Bronze Age.

Marrakech is a rich hinterland. There is enough eye-candy to spend a memorable  stay in the middle of treasures !

Picture perfect places for leisures

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