From craftsmanship to luxury

Take a deep dive into the bustling souks of Marrakesh

Imagine a narrow, sinuous street lined with overflowing food displays. You get a sense of abundance and the sounds of animated bargaining ring through the air like a joyous racket. There's no mistaking it – youare right in the heart of one of Marrakesh's famous souks!

Traditional arts are showcased in these markets. Duck under a gate and find yourself in the Semmarine souk, which may be one of the most interesting in Morocco. Berber and Arabic craftsmanship spills out from its alleys. Every artisan has a stall, where they display selections of ornamental candles, earthenware, lights and more.

Other markets around the city have their own their stands. The Attarine souk, for example, is dedicated to brass and copper work: from bronze to gold finishes, the sumptuous pieces come in every possible shade and dress up any table with their finely wrought details. A bit further, tanners and dyers work on all sorts of leather, filling the streets with babouches and other leather goods and flooding the air with the heady scent of hides tanned in the Moroccan sun.

Marrakesh is a true microcosm of Moroccan handicraft. Keep your eyes peeled in the souks and discover the treasures of everyday arts.