Shopping in Marrakech

Shop ‘til you drop

In Marrakesh, tradition and modernity always get along famously and shopping is no exception.

In the souks, you will discover authentic products and bargain with merchants to buy everything from food staples to handmade items shaped by ancestral expertise. But just a short walk from these open-air markets lies the Gueliz district, where there is no haggling over prices. The biggest local and international brands have outposts on the city's main thoroughfares and in its malls to sell shoppers their jewelry, clothing and shoes. Hop from shop to shop and get a natural high from the thrill of shopping.

This marriage of tradition and modernity is especially present in the design esthetic of some of the city's artisans, who put a new spin on ancient products. They think about and revisit them. For example, the art of metalwork has got a facelift from maillechort, an alloy of copper, zinc and nickel that is especially prized by Moroccan craftsmen, who use it to make mirrors, trays and jewelry that lend themselves perfectly to the most modern interiors and finery.

From the clogged alleys of the souks to the often luxurious shop windows in Gueliz, there is something for every kind of shopper in the ocher city.